About Yu Yuang

Established in 1961, Yu Yuang is a textiles company with more than half a century of history in the production and sale of textile products and is a model of professional manufacturing and service in the industry. Yu Yuang serves many world-famous brands through the production of more than a thousand types of products extensively used in underwear, swimwear, functional sportswear and automotive products and made record sales year after year. Headquartered in Changhwa County, Taiwan, Yu Yuang runs its global operations through its subsidiaries or representative offices in Taipei, Taoyuan, Yunlin in Taiwan; as well as Mainland China, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Cambodia. The company is specialized in vertical operations in textiles, from knitting, dyeing and finishing, and garment manufacturing to provide a diversity of timely business and technical services for customers all over the world.

Production of top quality products through sustainable development only belief of the company. Yu Yuang spares no effort in providing second-to-none textile manufacturing services to its customers all over the world and has established mutual trust and common benefits with them in the long run. Yu Yuang seeks to make things perfect and uphold a positive work attitude through ceaseless improvement and sustained refinement of its corporate culture. Teamwork for the overall upgrade of equality is the unchanged principle through the effort of all of the Company for achieving the common goal of assuring customer satisfaction. “Workers at the next stage of work is the customer”. Everyone we serve is our “customer”. “Customer satisfaction” is “total quality management”. Therefore, we are accredited with the ISO9000 and TS16949 systems in quality management.

Our objective is to refer our products of high quality all over the world irrespective of any geographic region. Yu Yuang Textile is not a “sunset industry”, as some have thought. We are an enterprise with advanced production technologies, smart production capabilities and cross-border operations. Rooted in Taiwan, we aim towards the world market and have established bases of operation in many major markets of the world, with continued upgrading of our competitiveness in global operations. To meet the needs of the diversity in the cultural development of the world, we are committed to recruiting and training good people in the human resources development.

Being an international enterprise, Yu Yuang seeks not only to meet the needs of the markets in service, quality, and price but also perform its responsibility in environmental protection and labor safety through the dissemination of the ideas of being ecofriendly and the production of products conforming to the Bluesign standard. Furthermore, Yu Yuang has been awarded with ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 accreditations.

Innovation is vital for the persistence and survival of the Company. Yu Yuang is ceaseless in its efforts in textile technology innovations and the accumulation of its intellectual property in customer service, marketing, production, and management. The production and management team of Yu Yuang is well-seasoned and experienced. This team is mingled with the distinguished research and development team of the Company. Together, they have strong potential and innovative power that makes Yu Yuang a top-notch supplier of high performance textile products in the world.

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