Company Milestone

1949 - 1960
Initial Stage

Initial Stage 1949 - 1960

Initial Stage 1949 - 1960

Feb. 1949

Mr. Hsieh Cheng-Che, the founder and the Chairman of the Company, started his weaving business at a premises located in Ho-Mei Township (The present address is No. 21, Zhongzheng Road, Ho-Mei Township), the birthplace of Yu Yuang Textile.


Based on 4 sets of manual wood looms, Yu Yuang started the business as a “Weaver Boy”.


The Company intensified industrial upgrades with the procurement of brand new weaving machines, which marked an end to manual production and started a new era of mechanical production.

1961 - 1992
Development Stage

Development Stage 1961 - 1992

Development Stage 1961 - 1992

Dec. 23, 1961

The Company built a model plant with an environmental protection focus at the cost of NT$ 84 million, with the installation of fully automatic knitting equipment and the introduction of German technology into the knitting process.


Yu Yuang introduced the jacquard knitting machines for medical use fabrics and yarn texturization. Since then, the Company developed into a professional textile firm of vertical operation in knitting, dyeing and finishing.


The Formosa Chemicals & Fibre Corporation and Yu Yuang Textile engaged in a joint venture by establishing Formosa Taffeta Co., Ltd. to bolster vertical operations and to develop downstream industries. This firm introduced the first water jet loom in Taiwan for the specialization of synthetic fiber products.


Expansion for 3 times with capital increased to NT$243,936,000.


Yu Yuang Textiles acquired Chung Shin Textile and converted it into Douliu Plant. This plant is specialized in the production of synthetic spun yarns for the downstream industries.

1993 - 2009
Transformation Stage

Transformation Stage 1993 - 2009

Transformation Stage 1993 - 2009

July. 1, 1993

In 1993 Yuhuat Textile Industries. Sdn. Bhd. was established in Malaysia.

Feb. 22, 1994

Yugen Knitting & Dyeing Corp. was established in Guangdong, China.


The Shun Jin Industrial Co., Ltd. was established Shun Jin North-Da Yuan Industrial Park, Taoyuan City; Shun Jin South-Douliu, Yunlin.

Dec. 5, 1994

Yu Yuang Textile (Hong Kong) Limited and Yu Mao Investment (Hong Kong) Limited were established in Hong Kong.

July. 1, 1998

Acquired Shun Jin Industrial Co., Ltd. at Douliu Industrial Park of Yunlin County. This operation is engaged in the vertical operation of dyeing and finishing.


In 1999 a circular and warp knitting operation was set up in Douliu.

Dec. 1999

Accredited with the ISO 9001 quality management system: QTW/99/00326.

Jan. 2001

In 2001, Yu Yuang Textiles was accredited Oeko-Tex® HKHL 027309.

Sep. 2001

Accredited the ISO14001 environmental management system ETW01/0004.

Dec. 18, 2001

In 2001, established Nanjing Yu Yuang Textile Ltd. in Jiangsu Province China.

Sep. 15, 2006

Under the supervision of the Industrial Development Bureau, Yu Yuang made positive effort in the advocacy of recycling waste heat energy and improvement of the dyeing and finishing process.

July. 2008

In 2008, established Pantessa Garment Co., Ltd. in Cambodia.

From 2008 onward

The Fma Cyclingwear was established with the branches in Changhwa and Taichung opened for the integration of marketing channels. A full series of fabrics and clothing for cycling were launched under the idea of the performance and function of the attires for the cyclists.

The Innovation Years 2010 Onwards

The Innovation Years 2010 Onwards

The Innovation Years 2010 Onwards

May. 2010

Accredited with the Bluesign label for the fabrics of leisurewear, sportswear, swimwear, and underwear.

May. 18, 2011

The Yu Guo Textile Company Limited was established in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China.

July. 2011

Accredited with the GSR Global Recycling System with Certificate No. CU817087.

Oct. 2011

Accredited with the ISO 18001 Labor safety and health management system with Certificate No. TW11/10866.


Accredited with the ISO 10641- 1 in greenhouse gas inspection CO2 emission.

Feb. 16, 2012

Adidas T2 LEAN Forum.

April. 28, 2012

Celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Yu Yuang Textile; dedicated to prosperity from A to A+.


Subsidiary: Wen Chuan Industrial Co., Ltd.


Subsidiary: Dragon Power Taffeta Co., Ltd.


Accredited with the TTQS.

Sep. 1, 2017

Took the oath for incorporation into the YYPS(TPS).

Q2 2018

Yu Sheng Textile Technology Company Limited. was established.

Q4 2018

Yuyuang International High Technology of Textiles Joint Stock Company.

Q4 2020

Yu Yuang Textiles was awarded the "Taiwan i-Sport” Certification by Government on November 11, 2020.