Environmental Management Policy

Yu Yuang is a professional textile company engaging in the vertical process of weaving, dyeing and finishing for more than half a century. “Environmental Protection” and “Economic Development” are equally important for the company in the quest for living in good quality. For the prosperity of the whole world and the well-being of all humanity, the company is determined to introduce an environmental management system that advocates for environmental protection across its full-range of activities with focus on minimizing or even eliminating the impact on the environment. This will allow the environment to return to its natural state as well as maximize the utilization of resources and perform corporate social responsibilities.

Yu Yuang Commits To:

Duly observe applicable laws of the government in environmental protection and conform to the demands and requirements of all stakeholder groups.

Proactively advocate the reduction of industrial waste and prevention of pollution in full-fledged with the eventual goal of reducing waste and mitigating pollution. Prohibition of incineration or arbitrary dumping, burying refuse in workplace.

Enrich the knowledge of environmental protection and develop the idea of energy saving to mitigate the impact and hence to protect the environment.。

Pursue the education of envirnmental protection properly and make the environmental protection a form of common sense. Establish the environmental inspection system for assuring continued improvement.

Improve the work environment for the protection of the health and safety of the employees. Disclose the work details in environmental protection and commit resources to give back to society.

Health and Safety Policy

Yu Yuang is a textile enterprise engaged in the vertical operation of weaving, dyeing, and finishing. Ever since its establishment, Yu Yuang realized that the employees and the suppliers are vital assets for the sustainable development of the Company. As such, Yu Yuang duly observes applicable laws in labor health and safety as well as other requirements in the process of research and development, manufacturing, testing, and sale. In addition, Yu Yuang makes tireless efforts in making labor health and safety perfect to avoid any behaviors that may jeopardize safety, the environment, and equipment, and seeks to prevent occupational hazards and perform its responsible for the protection of the health and safety of its employees to its entirety.

  • Protect the health and safety of employees as the foremost responsibility and obligation of the managers of the Company at all levels.
  • Prevent any injury, jeopardy to heath, illness, and accident pertaining to works for the protection of all employees and suppliers, contractors and visitors inside the facility of the Company for their health and safety.
  • Observe applicable laws of the country in labor health and safety and other requirements with the development of related operation procedures and methods.
  • Improve the labor health and safety management system and the performance in labor health and safety on a perpetual basis.
  • Encourage the employees to give suggestions in labor health and safety and the cultivation of the channels for positive communications between the management and the employees of the Company.
  • Convey the message inherent to this policy and communicate the topics of labor health and safety with the employees, suppliers, customers, contractors and other stakeholder groups.
  • Provide necessary education and training for the employees, suppliers and contractors on an ongoing basis to ensure proper knowledge and behaviors in labor health and safety.

Environmental Health Management System License
Mike Hsien
  Date: Feb.22, 2018

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