Yu Yuang Textile firmly believes that human resources will be the cornerstone for sustainable development, which is why it’s critical for the textiles to rate from A to A+ and also a vital asset of the Company. For this reason, the Company upholds the idea of profit-sharing with the employees with intent of attracting, keeping, training, and motivating good people. Yu Yuang Textile pays particular attention to the training and career development of its employees and provides a harmonious, happy, pleasant, and innovative workplace. In the past, we have performed so well that the company attracted a great deal of attention worldwide. In the future, Yu Yuang will emerge as an industrial leader. We spare no effort in finding “talents” like you to be a part of us for launching a new era for the textile industry. With the core value and determination, we firmly believe that we will excel and achieve our vision under consensus as a team for our common goal. Being a part of Yu Yuang, you will have the abundance of opportunity all over the world as you wish for advancement to a new epoch.


Various forms of bonuses,Special Bonus,Incentive for new employees,Supervisor Bonus, Improvement Award

Labor Day, Mid-Autumn Festival, Dragon Boat Festival , Birthday Gift Certificate

Year-End Banquets

Matrimonial Gift & Bereavement Subsidy

Free Accommodation for The Management Staff
(only outer counties)

Community Grants


Increase accident insurance and medical insurance to who take a business trip or specific personnel

Free parking for automobiles and motorcycles


Employees have meal subsidy and free meals for nighttime duties

Free Health Examination


Company Trip(Irregular)

Friendly Nursing Room


Remuneration System
The remuneration system of Yu Yuang is diversified and competitive in the industry. The Company never hesitates to share the results from its operations with its people. Employees of Yu Yuang are entitled to:

All employees of Yu Yuang are entitled to year-end bonus (depending on the operation performance of the Company) and various forms of bonuses further to their regular salaries.

Special Bonus
The Company offers magnanimous bonuses to show gratitude to employees for their contribution to the operation of the Company. The bonus will commensurate with the overall operation performance and team spirit of the Company. Remark: the aforementioned summary of the remuneration system will be subject to change and the version after adjustment or revision shall prevail.

Incentive for New Employees
The Company established the system of incentive bonus for the new employees so as to allow the new employees the peace of mind in learning related knowledge and skill at the Company and can quickly adapt to the new work environment. All new employees who have passed the probation period of 3 months will be rewarded for their individual performance.

Supervisor Bonus
The Company offers bonus for the supervisors under the principle of the Seven Heartiness, including indulgence , detail-oriented, hearty, love, happiness, concern, and whole-heartedness, so as to help new employees to quickly adapt to the new environment in learning of new knowledge. These supervisors will be rewarded in commensuration with the performance of the new employees under their supervision.

Improvement Award
The fundamental philosophy of the Company is “Thinking for the Creation of Quality”. “With the innovation and thoughts of the employees, let us work hard together to make products of good quality and high performance at fair price with satisfaction to the customers”. Under the heritage of “Customer First and Respect Good Idea”, the Company has a system for encouraging the proposal of good idea for making improvement. Employees whose proposal helps to bring about improvement of the Company will be awarded.

Benefit Policy
Yu Yuang Textile spares no effort in making a perfect benefit system to take care of its employees. The content of these benefits covers:
A reliable insurance and retirement plan
Further to providing labor insurance, national health insurance and the monthly allocation to pension fund as required by law, the Company also provide compressive group insurance as additional protection for the employees.

Hearty Work Environment
We care about the needs of the employees at workplace and in their daily lives covering food, clothing, residence, transportation, education, and entertainment, with full-range service and facilities so that they could have proper balance between work and daily lives.
◎Food: Employees have meal subsidy and free meals for nighttime duties.
◎Clothing: Free work gears for the Summer and Winter
◎Residence: Free accommodation for the management staff (only outer counties)
◎Transportation: Free parking for automobiles and motorcycles
◎Education: Full subsidy for internal and external training of the employees
◎Entertainment: Irregular tourist travelling, family days, BBQ, ball games, year-end banquets and group activities.
○ Matrimonial Gift○ New Year and Festivity Gift ○Birthday Gift ○ Bereavement Subsidy
◎Breast-feeding facility: Comfortable and private space was allocated for female employees with breast-feeding needs.

Employee Health Improvement Plan
The health of the employees is a foremost concern. For this end, the Company arranges health examination and protection program for the employees every year to help them keep in good health. In addition, a clinic is also established at the plant of the Company for providing health consultation and outpatient clinical service so that the employees could access to professional health consultation, diagnosis, and treatment timely.

Tuition Fee Subsidy System
The Company encourages employees to undertake continuing education with the supply of subsidy for education and training in related courses and programs.

Diversity of Learning Channels

The Company spares no effect in the training and development of the skills of the employees. Employees need to learn more in new knowledge and upgrade their occupational skills perpetually beyond regular duties. All employees could reinforce their personal study plan through various training programs, online resources and the supervisor system. This arrangement helps employees in proper career planning and personal development.

Rotation of Duties
We encourage the employees to develop a variety of skills and specializations to as to become a π person. Through the rotation of duties, attempt, and learning, employees could learn a professional skill at their own department and also broaden learn from other functional departments for broadening their horizon and knowledge.

Learning of Project Management
Opportunities for cooperation in different areas of specializations are available. Through the assignment of specific projects, employees could have good experience in responding to changes at workplace and also learn and excel together with the colleagues of other departments, which eventually help to enhance performance as a team and contribution to all.

Overseas Assignment
Rooted in Taiwan, the Company stretches out its business territory to Mainland China and other Southeast Asian countries. All employees have opportunities for overseas assignment for better learning while the Company is in the process of internationalization. As such, employees could have the arena for showing their strength and their experience, broadening their horizon worldwide and enriched their personal competitive power at workplace.

Supervision of New Employees
The supervisor system is in place where each new employee will be assigned a senior employee as the supervisor. The role of the supervisor is essential. As a tutor and a friend, the supervisor is a tutor for each new employee in learning and also a partner of each new employee at work. In addition, the supervisor is also a good counselor helping new employees to familiarize with the new work environment, other colleagues, and learn the skills required for performing their duties and solve the problems in daily lives. Supervisors will share their experience with the new employees and give them guidance. The mechanism for the training of supervisor has been introduced to make the supervisor system sound. The training will assist the supervisors in the development of skills in leadership and communication with the new employees. The supervisor system helps the new employees to quickly adapt to the new environment and work with joy. You are cordially invited to be a part of this big, loving, and warm family!

Development Program for The New Employees